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What if I book my newborn session and baby hasn't come yet?
We move your session date, no problem. But you get to have a spot on my calendar. Otherwise, if you have not booked in advance I can't promise you a spot.

My baby is more than 5 weeks, can we still do a newborn session?

You can still book for babies older than 5-6 weeks, the baby is wrapped and we take the photos in the cute baskets, but baby is usually awake for these photos. We have up to 3 hours in the studio for the newborn session. 

I'm ready to book but I do not know what date to choose, can we schedule a call? We chat on the phone, and I'll help you decide! I will recommend you to book a date for your baby as soon as possible based on your due date. Like that, you are sure these photos are taken. We can upgrade your package if you want more family members. 

The session


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How to choose my session?

​Maternity: Mom and Family Maternity photo (1 session)

Newborn session: Only newborn baby (up to 6 weeks)

Family Session: Baby and Family, brothers and Sisters are welcomed too! (baby up to 6 weeks)

Bundle Maternity includes Mom only and Newborn session.

In this Bundle the Family is not included, so brothers and sisters are not included, only parents of the baby.

If you want brothers and sisters to join you can always choose FULL bundle.


FULL Bundle includes Maternity and Family. (1 session)

Newborn and Family (1 session)

In this Bundle the Family can participate in both sessions, so brothers and sisters are included, grandparents too.

How to choose your ideal day for your session?

Maternity: 32-35 weeks

Newborn session: 8-16 days old 

Do you provide a wardrobe?
I do! I have a wardrobe full of beautiful gowns for the Maternity sessions. For the newborn baby too! You do not have to bring anything unless you want to. 

Can I get to choose the wraps and cute baskets?

You can choose headbands, wraps, baby bears, bonnets, baskets. The studio is full of props. You can take a look at all the photos on the website to see what is available at the studio

How can I pay?

The first payment is $100 to book your spot, this fee is to secure your date and have a space in my calendar. Once you book on the website, you will receive and email with a confirmation and an invoice. The rest of the invoice has to be paid at the studio the day of your session.

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